About Dan Portillo

Dan is currently VP of Talent at Greylock where he works closely with portfolio companies on talent strategies. Prior to Greylock he was VP of Success & Engagement at Rypple were he defined the deployment strategy for the first Social Performance Application, later acquired by SalesForce. Dan was instrumental in bringing early customers such as Facebook, Jive Software & Gilt Groupe online.

Dan was also on the executive team at Mozilla, creators of Firefox, where he lead HR, Recruiting and University Relations. He helped them grow from 20 people in Mountain View, to over 300 with offices in 7 different countries. Earlier in his career Dan spent a decade building out successful early-stage, venture-backed consumer and enterprise companies.

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  1. M.Alonso
    February 14, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Hey Dan,

    Concerning my earlier tweet (which I know was vague), just wanted to point out some quirks I saw that put me and my team off.

    We we were looking at your site because we were looking for a way to accentuate the positive, instead of always griping about the negative. Anyways, we wanted a place where we could congratulate and thank each other. We don’t want it to be a very serious affair, just a way to lighten the mood and encourage comraderie. So here are some of the issues we had:

    Having groups based solely off the email domain presented the team some problems. Once we joined the site, we noticed that other people from the company had already joined. This was a problem because we wanted to limit the scope of our newfound cheeriness to ourselves, since we knew it wasn’t always going to be of the utmost serious kind of praise (e.g. thanking the intern for getting us coffee). We quickly noticed that anything that we posted wasn’t limited to our connections, but company wide.

    We also noticed quite quickly that you couldn’t delete anything. Another gripe was that when trying to establish connections, it would send an email. When a team of 10+ people is trying to add each other as connections, it quickly gets out of hand. Another issue we noticed was that when you don’t set your name after registering, those emails are from “Coach.”

    We understand that perhaps your system wasn’t intended to be used that way, but hey, that’s what feedback is for. I hope this has helped. Have a good one.

    Mike Alonso

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