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Feedback Lesson

For someone that works on a product centered around feedback, I still have a lot to learn. My girlfriend wanted to share one of her work projects with me. It’s her first week, so she’s still in training. Lets face it, the project is pretty dumb and really is more of a homework assignment. When she shared the assignment, I focused on the merits of what the company wanted and questioned why they would want her to work on something that has no intrinsic value. Why not have her work a real world example that they could reuse within the organization? It wasn’t the feedback she was looking for. She wanted me to acknowledge that the
work she did within the confines of a dumb project was good. Which it was, very good. But being a startup guy I couldn’t reconcile the wasted effort.

Take away. When someone is asking you for feedback, take into account the constraints under which they want that feedback presented. Most importantly, be aware of how critical you’re being. I learned that the hard way. Even if you’re feedback is fundamentally correct, the way in which it is delivered may hinder your ability to get it across. If you can’t get the feedback across, it’s not good feedback. And sometimes acknowledging hard work is all you need to do.

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