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And Here We Go…

This past Thursday was the official kickoff for the San Francisco Man & Woman of the Year campaign.  There is a pretty impressive list of nominees like Roberta Gonzales from CBS and Dr. Melina Jampolis from CNN and then there’s me.  Caely and the rest of the team at LLS did a fantastic job organizing the event and Adrianna’s speech was incredibly inspiring.  Since Thursday I’ve been thinking about my goals over the next 10 weeks and how much I’d like to try and raise.

Julie, Melissa, Emily, Mark, Will, Karen, Joe and Tim have all been working really hard to make Monte Carlo Night successful and I think the event is going to do extremely well.  We have some pretty amazing auction items and have lined up a number of great sponsors like Clue Chip Tek, Beachstreet Consulting, Mas Sake, the Westin Whistler and a few hotels in France that we’re hoping to announce soon.  I’m reasonably confident that we can raise about $100,000 for LLS with just Monte Carlo Night.  I also have a personal goal of raising $1000 per day over the next 70 days.  Given the state of the economy that might seem a little unrealistic, but I don’t think so.  Beth Steinberg donated our first $1000, one day down, 69 to go!  I have an amazing group of family, friends and colleagues who are rallying to help.  I’m inspired, my friends are inspired and we’re really beginning to gain steam.  It’s going to be a fun 10 weeks!

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